Ravel, Habanera for trumpet and trombone

Maurice Ravel’s “Piece en forme de Habanera” is a concert staple. With its enticing melody and exotic flair, it continues to delight audiences to this day. This arrangement, for trumpet and trombone, puts an intimate new spin on the piece.

This recording is from a live performance in March 2011 featuring Aaron Hodgson, trumpet and Jim Tranquilla, trombone.

You can purchase this arrangement (and lots of great new music featuring the trumpet) at qPress.ca, here: http://qpress.ca/node/34

Why I like it: Persichetti, Parable

This series of articles is devoted to advocating contemporary repertoire for trumpet.  I believe new music is often unfairly criticized.  Let’s face it, as brass players we can be a little closed-minded! Hopefully these articles will open your ears to some pieces I find truly fascinating.

“I like solo works, where the whole world is just you and your pipe.” Vincent Persichetti

Parable for Solo Trumpet is number fourteen in a series of instrumental parables written by Persichetti.  Like many of the other parables, it’s unaccompanied and it grows out of one simple idea:

1 – Introduction

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