Sunday Scales 11: Fifths factory (part one)

Building on what we saw in Part 5, today we’re going to cook up some more scale patterns. There are plenty of scales out there in trumpet-land, but few follow the circle of fifths (you can see one of my own in Part 8).

Today I’m going to lay out some puzzle pieces, and you can put them together however you want to make an unlimited variety of exercises.

First, let’s make some larger-scale patterns to get around the circle of fifths. I’ll call these “templates”:

XI - Fifths factory - TemplatesNow let’s generate smaller patterns that we play on each note of the template. First, some simple patterns (feel free to invent more):

XI - simple cellsYou can mix and match these as you want. For example, template 2 + cell ii:

XI - f - 2iiToo easy? Let’s take template 1 and alternate between cell iv and v:

XI - g - 1ivvNext time we’ll kick this idea up a notch. Happy practicing!