Sunday Scales 6: Variations galore

This week I’m going to demonstrate an important practice technique: Identify a difficult technical passage Extract the excerpt and practice it on its own Memorize the excerpt Vary and transpose the excerpt as widely as possible As our source, we’ll take a well-known passage from George Enesco’s Légende:

OMEA SoundScapes 2014: “Upside-down trumpet” Handout

Today I’m offering a trumpet clinic at the OMEA SoundScapes 2014 convention titled: “Upside-down trumpet: counter-intuitive aspects of brass playing.” I’ve included the slides to the presentation in this post, and anyone with follow-up questions is welcome to contact me by email at ahodgson@uwo.ca Hodgson – OMEA Clinic Handout

Pedagogy: Mute guide

Here’s another resource I made for trumpet students. Much of this information comes from David Hickman’s excellent book, Trumpet Pedagogy. It would be a lot of fun to turn this into a more interactive online page with some video examples for different brands/types of mutes. Put a mute in it!