Sunday Scales 13: Mr. Schlossberg

Max Schlossberg is primarily known to brass players today as the “author” of the book Daily Drills and Technical Exercises. This book contains exercises by Schlossberg, however it was only put together after his death by his son-in-law Harry Freistadt, and it can be a bit confusing to work through. In his day, though, Schlossberg was a …

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Sunday Scales 12: Fifths factory (part two)

Last week, I showed how we could start generating scale patterns built around the circle of fifths. As promised, we’re going to up the stakes this week. As you might recall, we created two kinds of exercises: “templates” (large patterns for navigating the circle of fifths) and “cells” (little patterns to play on each note …

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Sunday Scales 10: Mr. Nagel

This week’s featured book is a lesson in humility. Robert Nagel was a founding member of the New York Brass Quintet and has held teaching affiliations with Yale, Juilliard, the Manhattan School of Music, and more… His book Speed Studies is a collection of scale exercises designed to go beyond the traditional major/minor scales most of us encounter …

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Teachers: push or pull?

There are countless approaches to teaching, but in this post I want to share one simple idea that has intrigued me for years. This question has helped me evaluate my own teaching and understand (without judging) the teaching of others. So, here’s the big question: